1. Examine the cow which is under consideration.

2. List the clinical signs which you believe it to be exhibiting.

3. Where these signs are contained in the list given in the Possible Signs window (27 clinical signs are listed in this window), double-click on the entry in the window. The sign will be removed from the Possible Signs window and will appear under the Observed / Absent Signs window.

4. Note the changes in beliefs which result from the entry of the latest piece of evidence. Does the change calculated by the software match your intuitive opinion?

5. Repeat the data-entry process until all the observed clinical signs originally listed in the Possible Signs window have been moved into the Observed / Absent signs window.

6. Interpret the findings of the software. Does any disease have a belief very close to one? Do a number of different diseases have not inconsequential levels of belief? Look at these examples for help in interpreting the results.

7. If a number of diseases remain plausible, click on each disease to discover which clinical signs, if observed, would be most effective in discriminating between the competing options. These clinical signs will be worth looking out for!

Let us know whether you think the diagnoses produced by the system are realistic; your participation in the evaluation exercise will help us to make the program better. Input from users such as yourself will help us to validate the program.