Dr. Iain McKendrick is a statistician and mathematical modeller, currently a member of the Veterinary Informatics and Epidemiology group at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. Past work has involved him in the modelling of rabies, volcanic eruptions and the remote sensing of meteorological data. He is currently interested in the modelling of East Coast Fever and trypanosomiasis in cattle. His research interests are in the field of applied mathematical modelling; both the development of new stochastic or deterministic models and the development of appropriate statistical methods to use data sets to parameterise and validate these models are of interest. Topics of particular interest to him are modelling exercises or data analyses which involve an explicitly spatial component and those which involve some aspect of epidemiology or biology.
Dr. Iain McKendrick can be contacted by post at
                Department of Statistics and Modelling Science

                Livingstone Tower

                26 Richmond Street

                Glasgow    G1 1XH

Iain McKendrick can currently be contacted by e-mail at iain@stams.strath.ac.uk