Dr. Yiqun Gu is an information scientist. She is currently a member of the Veterinary Informatics and Epidemiology group at the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. Past work has involved her in the development of belief networks relating to the effect of climatic change on crops. Her current work involves the construction of a hybrid information system for African dairy farmers, which tries to combine techniques of expert systems, hypertext, database and mathematical modelling to provide a decision aid in boosting African milk production. Her research interests are in the area of expert systems, with a particular interest in knowledge acquisition and in uncertainty reasoning methods.

Dr. Yiqun Gu can be contacted by post at

        Department of Information Science
        Livingstone Tower
        26 Richmond Street
        Glasgow G1 1XH

Yiqun Gu can currently be contacted by e-mail at yiqun@stams.strath.ac.uk